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Wed, 24 Jul 2019

Northeast Today

The Master’s Stroke

The Master’s Stroke
March 28
15:22 2018

February Edition, Art, NET Bureau

Amit Kapoor is a leading master of watercolour medium in India, who has been recognised with top international honours for his paintings and his art graces the walls of many private and corporate collectors. When this master water colourist was in Shillong to take part at an En Plein Air demo as a rundown to the 2018 Metropolis Asia, Shillong, Northeast Today caught up with him for a brief chat…

NET: How did the rendezvous with art begin?

Amit Kapoor: My relationship with art dates back to my childhood. I have always been in love with colours, canvass and sketches. I decided in my schooldays itself that I would join an arts college and pursue a career in arts. I studied in Government Art College, Delhi. I learnt a lot. All thanks to the efficient faculty. Although, I did my graduation in Applied Arts, which was related to designing and all, yet I had always been intrigued by watercolours, paints and all. Since the past 10-12 years I have been painting watercolours. Currently, I am the vice president of International Watercolour Society (IWS) also the founder of Watercolour Society of India (WSI). Since the last few years I have been doing awareness programmes and demonstrations on watercolours in different parts of India and abroad as well. Thanks to the Almighty that I have got this opportunity to travel different places and adding some more colours to it through my art.


NET: Even today when a child decides to take art as a career option, parents are mostly apprehensive. Were your parents supportive when you decided to endeavour in this field?

Amit Kapoor: This is a very sad scenario in India. I have seen parents forcing their children to take up medical and engineering etc. Luckily, my parents were very supportive and encouraged me to join the Government Art College. Even though my father was not from arts background, yet he supported my career choice. And I am very thankful to them for being supportive. I would like to tell all the parents who feel reluctant to let their children pursue a career in arts that this field is a vast one with a myriad of job opportunities. Not only as a painter, but one can also work as a designer in advertisement agencies, magazines, newspapers etc. Many news and entertainment channels have their creative departments and the animation sector is also there. It’s a massive field, there are no limits.

Amit Watercolour

NET: You have been a part of the animation industry as well. Tell us more about it.

Amit Kapoor: After completing my graduation in Applied Arts, I joined an animation studio in New Delhi. I learnt a lot there, from my animation guru Puneet Makhija. I did 2D animation where one has to draw frame by frame, on paper on light boxes etc. I did many TV commercials like Vicks, Eveready, Whirlpool, Tata Tea etc. and also a number short film, serials for Doordarshan and other channels as well. I did short films for Japan, Europe etc. It has been a nice journey for me.

NET: You have to a lot of places and this is your first trip to Northeast. Did you find any difference in Northeast in comparison to the other places?

Amit Kapoor: First of all, if we compare Northeast with the rest of the country, then I must say that Northeast is really amazing. This is a paradise for an artist. You can just sit anywhere and start painting because there’s beauty everywhere. The people, the hospitality that they show, that encourages an artist. This is not same with other places. You just can’t sit anywhere and start painting. Sometimes the people are not that friendly. Sometimes, the weather condition doesn’t allow you to work.

NET: Any message you would like to give to the aspiring artists?

Amit Kapoor: I would like to tell all the budding artists that there is no shortcut in our field. One has to work hard, you have to paint and draw.


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