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Wed, 24 Jul 2019

Northeast Today

The Riddhinil Roy Story

The Riddhinil Roy Story
March 31
12:55 2018

NET Bureau, Sayantani Deb

Entrepreneurship is a fancy word which is dreamed by many but lived by a few. At some point or the other, almost all of us dream of becoming our own boss but witnessing the tough competition and challenges most of us to take a setback. 23- year-old Riddhinil Roy, a resident of Guwahati, is,however,an odd man out. Riddhinil has not only set an example by establishing his own venture—NE8x at this tender age but he has also motivated a number of youths of the region to chase their dreams.

Since childhood, Riddhinil was always into doing things with a different approach. Post completing his Class XII, he went to Bangalore for further studies and that is where his dreams started taking shape. During his college days, he established his first startup under startup acceleration by Hay Group and Microsoft.

“While working with these noted companies I got deeply involved with the fundamentals and functioning of a startup accelerator and how that adds value to their portfolio startups,” says Riddhinil while interacting with Northeast Today.

Birth of NE8x

According to Riddhinil, the turning point of his life came when he got an opportunity to judge a hackathon in JNNCE College Shimoga,however, he missed the event due to some travel issues.

“Missing the event made me realise the need to check the growth status of startup community of Northeastern region. Shockingly, after doing few researches I came to know that over the period of last few years the growth rate of startup community in Northeast is very poor,” he adds.

This curiosity led to further grassroots level research and after discovering the fact that Northeast India needs a dedicated start-up accelerator, in the year 2016, Riddhinil along with his few mates started NE8x with a mission to assist and help the other startup to grow, one at a time and make the region at par with the best startup hubs in the world today.

Roy Riddhinil

With the passage of time, NE8x has become more than just a startup accelerator for the eight states.

“Due to the varied and rich diversity of the region we are simultaneously taking up a lot of community projects to help set up the startup ecosystem in the region and also help make Northeast India, investment-friendly along with government public and private partnerships,” he informs.

Riddhinil believes, more than being an entrepreneur, the entrepreneurial mindset is more important.

“With entrepreneurial mindset, our perception changes on the existing problems and we look for answers.Somewhere in the quest for finding the solutions to problems that need our attention, I got inspired towards entrepreneurship as an individual,” he shares.


“The path of starting a new venture was not at all easy and unlike others I too faced a lot of hurdles. As they define, company is a group of people however keeping the proper team in place and helping them in achieving goals should be the first priorities of a startup,” he reminds, adding, “Since we have been completely bootstrapped from the very first day our struggle continues in reaching out to various regions in Northeast India.”

“In our organization, we take up steps keeping in mind the overall benefit of the community and hence making sure that the initiatives reach out to entrepreneurs from various parts of our community is crucial to the success of NE8x,” he points.

In 2017, NE8x has been a stakeholder in the drafting of Startup Assam Policy.


Giving a message to the youths of the region, he says, “Northeast India depends on its youth and hence it is the moral duty of our youths to explore their immense talents. The region has a diversified rich cultural heritage and the evolution has also taken place in terms of technology.”

Concluding his interaction, he mentions, “There has been no better time to startup a company in Northeast. There are a lot of resources and access to information, for addressing the queries.To create, innovate, inspire and remember to #StartInNE.”


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