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Sun, 19 May 2019

Northeast Today

The Riveting Umswai Valley

The Riveting Umswai Valley
August 15
16:43 2018

July Edition, Travel

-  Bijoy Ghimire

The inevitable entanglement with the worldly affairs quite often push us to the brink and we look out for avenues and means to give vent to our frustration. One of such ways is to go out to the nature and spent time with it, be a part of it, savor it, get lost into it, be one with it and finally again come back rejuvenated and resume the rat race with the same monotonous daily activities devoid of any such thing which enriches you internally.

We are quite often in search of places where we could take ourselves closer to the Mother Nature. And we try to ensure that every time it has to be a new one. And in the process, we end up finalizing those ones which are quite popular and which have lots of information both online and offline. And such places mostly are far. Thereby we are missing out on those places which are very near to us and which are least explored.

However, I will not dwell much on why they are not promoted as some of the tourist hotspots within the state of Assam, rather I would like to share few of my experiences of this magnificent place where I recently got the chance to visit.

Here I am talking about Umswai Valley which lies in the westernmost part of Karbi Anglong. Not very far from Guwahati, Umswai Valley will fascinate all those who love hills and the serenity in its cool breezes.

Umswai Valley

The most striking thing that one will witness here are the people living in these relaxed villages situated at the base of the mountains. Mostly inhabited by the Karbis and the Tiwas, Umswai Valley was altogether a unique experience. The eagerness of our Tiwa brothers to show their places of historical significance and the hospitality shown by our Karbi brothers and sisters was unmatched and it was a pleasant surprise to get myself introduced to a whole new environment which is so progressive and friendly.


Besides the fascinating caves, breathtaking huge rocky hills, difficult yet distinctive trekking routes, one of the villages of this place has been recently accorded with the title of the cleanest village within the district of Karbi Anglong. Yes, Shikdamakha, the cleanest Tiwa village which falls within the Amri constituency of Karbi Anglong has set a benchmark for all other villages within the valley and we could clearly see the healthy race amongst these villages to become as clean as Shikdamakha.

Umswai valley2

Langorkhon, another Karbi Village within the Valley which is as clean as Shikdamakha knows very well how to host its guests and are so humble and affectionate that you immediately will start a feeling of being so closely connected with the village folks which I found quite inexplicable.

Just about 35 kilometers from Nellie in the district of Morigaon, Umswai Valley indeed was altogether a different experience. The lush greenery of the valley is so profound and enchanting that you feel like getting completely absorbed by it and thereby get dissolve in its profundity. And another most remarkable thing about this place is that it is a NO NETWORK ZONE. A real escape from incessant pings of messages, notifications, and calls.


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