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This Summer, ‘Winter is Here’ in a Desi Way

This Summer, ‘Winter is Here’ in a Desi Way
July 13
15:40 2017

Popular actress and co founder of Digital Production Company Ideas Trending, Chhavi Mittal, is all set to give you all a feeling of ‘winter’ in this scorching summer. Her Youtube Channel Shitty Ideas Trending (SIT) is making a spoof on the super famous American Fantasy drama series Game of Thrones (GOT). The spoof is titled Game of Thorns: The Desi Hustle which will be released on Friday.

This parody is the outcome of Chavvi and her husband Mohit Hussain’s craze for GOT. The couple claim themselves to be huge GOT fans.

“We decided to do a spoof of Game Of Thrones because it’s a very popular show and the seventh season will premiere on July 16. So, we thought that it’s the best time to come out with the spoof,” Chhavi, who will be playing Cersie, revealed.

Six main characters including Cersei Lannister, Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen will be seen in this parody who have been given some hilarious desi names like Sadhsie, Jhonny Boy, Dragon ki Amma respectively.

“It was great fun on the sets because these characters are iconic and we created spoofy versions on them. The script came out very funny. It took at least a month and a half to get things going, and we wrote a lot of drafts before the final script was cleared,” she added.


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