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Wed, 19 Sep 2018

Northeast Today

Tips on How to Choose The Maternity Hospital

Tips on How to Choose The Maternity Hospital
October 03
12:21 2017

As soon as you know that you are pregnant, the first thing that you need to start doing is to search for a good maternity hospital in Mumbai. The hospital will ultimately point you to your doctor.

Your biggest concern when you look at the hospital for pregnancy in Mumbai is to select a hospital where you are sure that you and your baby will be well cared of. It might seem difficult to judge a hospital but there are a few things that can help you to narrow down on the best one.

Distance of the hospital from your home

Choose a maternity hospital that is closer to your home which will make it convenient for you and for your family. You should particularly look for a hospital close to home if you are a high- risk patient or had a premature delivery in the past.

Reputation of the hospital

Hospitals gain reputation by the expertise of the doctors, the quality of services that they provide and the facilities that they offer. You can look for feedback on a particular hospital which will let you judge if the hospital is right for you. You should first check the website of the hospital to get an idea of the background as well as about the medical staff and the facilities that it provides.The website may also have some client feedback and newspaper clippings. You can then do a Google search to find out reviews posted by those who have used the services of the hospital.


Before you decide on the budget of your maternity hospital, you should consider the medical insurance policies that you have and if they cover pregnancy and childbirth. You can then select the hospitals accordingly as per your budget. A good maternity hospital may not necessarily be the most expensive.


Get feedback from mothers who have delivered at the hospital. You may have friends or colleagues who have given birth at the hospital and they can let you know if they were satisfied with the services offered.

Tour of the hospital

When you are finally happy with your research on a hospital, you should schedule a visit and personally visit the hospital to see the maternity unit and the neonatal intensive care unit. You should also see the delivery and labour room and the hospital rooms. During the tour, the nurse should be able to help with the facilities and the services that the hospital provides.

Medical staff

The quality of the hospital is dependent on its medical staff. You can get information about the doctors online and also ask your friends who have delivered at the hospital about their experience with the medical staff. You can also talk to the nurse, obstetrician and the paediatrician while you tour the hospital.

Your maternity experience will be influenced a lot by the hospital you choose to deliver in and the services and the facilities that they offer. So it is important that you take time to choose one that meets your expectations. However, what will happen on the delivery date and how well the delivery will go is something that no one can predict. It is important that after you carefully choose the maternity hospital you want to deliver in just relax and be prepared mentally that things may not happen exactly as per plan.





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