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Sat, 15 Dec 2018

Northeast Today

Weaving Traditions Alive

Weaving Traditions Alive
September 01
12:43 2017

July Edition NET Bureau, Priyanka Paul

Avantika’s journey began in 2015. Her humble enterprise provides various handmade garments like tops, skirts, jackets, shirts, handbags and jewelleries with a traditional tinge. She exemplifies grit and determination where she stands as an epitome of someone who is working for uplifting the women and the youths of the society.

NET: What does ROOHI mean?

Avantika: ROOHI is my name besides Avantika. I couldn’t think of any other name to categorize what I wanted to do. Hence, the name ROOHI, more like an extension of me.

NET: How did you come up with the idea of ROOHI Clothing?

Avantika: ROOHI was born out of my absolute grit and passion to keep our traditional Dimasa weaving alive and to help create sustainable livelihoods for the people of the Dima Hasao region.

NET: You being a woman did it offer any hindrance while you started off?

Avantika: I am glad that I am a woman and I can do everything I want and never did I have to face any discrimination .There is freedom. It is like a universe of possibility. Gender does not define you.

NET: Who has been your inspiration in setting up the business?

Avantika: Well, I see ROOHI as a movement more than a business platform. One of the few people who actually inspired me would be Bibi Rusell-a fashion designer from Bangladesh- who defines fashion as a necessity. Her brand Bibi Productions is helping in reviving the textile culture of Bangladesh and this has highly inspired me.

NET: What products do you offer/ manufacture?

Avantika: At the moment we have handcrafted jewelleries, traditional Dimasa Rigu, Rikhaosa and loads of ethnic modern fusion-wear. We keep experimenting here at ROOHI to create contemporary garments using Dimasa textiles, which appeals to the youths a lot. The interest among them has to be generated to help us revive our traditional skills.

NET: Which product of yours is the most famous one?

Avantika: ROOHI’s earrings are a big favourite and are loved by all.

NET: If asked to describe the USP of your brand, what would it be?

Avantika: Bright and bold colours are extensively used in our garments as well as our jewelleries. We (ROOHI) are dead set on spreading joy with colours in everyone’s lives because colours are therapeutic!

NET: How can you relate your products and your community?

Avantika: ROOHI is a community based social movement to help generate income in families who need it the most. I only wanted to help by being the connect between the consumers and our local artisans and create this umbrella where sustainable livelihood could be embraced. ROOHI is nothing without them.

NET: How do you choose the craftswomen who work for you?

Avantika: My craftswomen find me, women in my town are aware of my line of work & once they approach me, we get to work immediately since most of them are so talented in their craft. But surprisingly, most of them are not even conscious of their immense creativity. Also, we at ROOHI are not prone to make perfect products, we appreciate the imperfections that come along, that are what makes us different.




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