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Sat, 21 Jul 2018

Northeast Today

Weekend Getaways from Bhubaneswar

Weekend Getaways from Bhubaneswar
August 27
21:04 2017

After working hard all week, everyone deserves a getaway. Nothing rejuvenates and replenishes tired minds and bodies than a sweet and short mini-vacation over the weekend. Bhubaneswar residents can rejoice as they are close to some very interesting cultural destinations boasting of unparalleled natural beauty. Here are some recommendations for that weekend trip you need.


Puri is a land of important spiritual significance for Hindus. It is also a region of beautiful coastal scenery and serene beaches. One of the main landmarks of Puri is the Jagannath temple, which is host to 24 festivals every year.

Other popular attractions of Puri include the PanchaTirtha and the Gundicha Temple, the latter surrounded by well-maintained gardens on all sides. One of the unique art forms in Puri is the sand art, which one can witness on the beach. The majestic sunrise views from the beach give visitors a good reason to wake up early. Hire a Bhubaneswar to Puri taxi and enjoy the 70 km drive.


Chillika Lake

Fed by more than 50 streams and rivers, the brackish waters of the Chillika Lake provide habitat to some of India’s rarest and most-treasured species. The lake is a nature photographer’s haven, it’s gentle waters and landscape reflecting in different shades and hues, as the day passes by.

More than 160 species of birds inhabit these wetlands in the peak of the migratory season. The lake is also home to the Irrawaddy dolphin and a small population of bottlenose dolphins who migrate from the sea from time to time. Some of the attractions in the region include Nalaban Island and the Nirmaljhara Waterfall.


Konark is home to the 13th century Sun Temple, which is a World Heritage site. Built from black granite, the temple features intricate sculptures and is an architectural wonder symbolizing the design philosophy of that bygone age. Most of the precious artefacts and works of art of the Sun Temple are now stored in the Sun Temple Museum, run by the Archaeological Survey of India. Amongst the ruins, the most prominent parts include the audience hall. The temple sits in an east-west direction, following the course of the sun.



Located in the lush Eastern Ghats, Taptapani’s primary attraction is the hot spring, the waters of which are believed to hold medicinal properties. Some of the attractions around Taptapani include a deer park.

Taptapani is located in a very scenic area, and one can gaze at the valleys and forests around, or capture these scenes with a camera. Taptapani is also home to the indigenous communities of Odisha, which offers visitors a glimpse into the culture and lifestyle of this much ignored yet rich heritage of the state.


Chandrabhaga Beach

If there is one place where one can watch the typical coastal scenes of Odisha, it is Chandrabhaga beach. The beach used to be an important juncture in the heights of the Sun Temple. Now it offers a picturesque tranquillity from many weary travellers looking for a quiet spot. Some of the activities here include long, uninterrupted walks down the beach or a bit of photography to capture the scenic coastal beauty.

Odisha is one of India’s most vibrant and colourful states. From its rich wetlands and the endearing tribal societies to the beautiful temples that bring millions of devotees every year, the state is a sensory and visual treat to explore. Find a quality car rental in Bhubaneswar and start ticking off your list of weekend destinations.


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