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Fri, 20 Sep 2019

Northeast Today

Why are Air Coolers Still the First Choice of Many Buyers?

Why are Air Coolers Still the First Choice of Many Buyers?
May 23
19:28 2019

Air coolers bring back memories of long summer holidays when you would spend the whole day at home. Backed by those great memories, every Indian still thinks of an air cooler as the summer starts to roll in. With a lower price tag and energy consumption compared to air conditioners, an air cooler can be the affordable answer you’re looking for this summer too.


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Now that buying an air cooler just got simpler, here are some of the genuine reasons why an air cooler is still the first choice for many homes in India.


  1. They are portable

Air coolers come with a varying range of sizes and air flow capacities. From large window coolers to smaller portable air coolers that can be placed inside the house at convenient positions, you can choose one as per your convenience. An air conditioner does not offer this kind of portability as split ACs need to be fixed to the wall with a unit outside attached to it. Window ACs, on the other hand, need to be fixed to the wall or window fitting as they are heavy and cumbersome to move.


  1. They are affordable

Air coolers are significantly cheaper than any other method of cooling a room. In fact, an air cooler costs a fraction of the amount you will need to spend on an air conditioner. Further, there is no significant installation cost for an air cooler, whereas for an AC there will be additional charges incurred. Lastly, as air coolers have fewer parts, there is lesser need for maintenance.


  1. They consumer low energy and are eco-friendly

An air cooler helps keep your monthly electricity consumption in check as well. As the air cooler does not use too much power, it can be used all day without you stressing over the cost of keeping your house cool. Air conditioner, on the flip side, can be expensive to run all day as they use more power to keep them going which can make summers a very expensive time of the year!


Another advantage of using air coolers is that they do not use any kind of refrigerants such as CFC, HCFC or others for cooling, making them eco-friendly as well.


  1. They circulate healthy air

To understand how the air from an air cooler is healthier, let’s look at how an air cooler works. In an air cooler, the warm air from outside is sucked into the machine which then passes over a water-saturated pad, cooling the air and adding a bit of moisture to the air as it is blown into the room. As the cool air that enters the room is moist, it ensures that your skin does not dry unlike with air conditioners. Further, in an air conditioner, the air in the room is recycled through the compressor and resent into the room.


To help you make your decision, here are the different types of air coolers that are available.


  1. Desert Cooler: This type of cooler is big in size and has a higher water capacity The desert cooler requires more power, water and space to perform optimally. The fan is used to blow air as far as possible to maximise its cooling reach. In extreme heat conditions, a desert cooler is the ideal solution.


  1. Room cooler: Used to cool smaller spaces in houses, a room cooler is typically smaller and comes with wheels, so it can be pushed around with ease. While this cooler also requires water and power, these resources are used in moderation compared to a desert cooler.


Here are some of the best coolers for 2019 that you can choose from.


  1. Cello Artic 50-litre Air Cooler

This large cooler can hold 50 litres of water and its oscillating louvers ensure that all corners of the room are cooled. Equipped with Turbo cooling, this beast will cool down your room quickly and keep it that way for a long period of time. This cooler can also be connected to an inverter to ensure uninterrupted sleep in the night even when the power goes out. The large 18-inch fan blades provide a large blast of cool air and the Cello Artic 50 is also ideal for large halls and offices.


  1. Bajaj Platini PX97 Room Cooler

This compact cooler from Bajaj is made of corrosion-free thermoplastic material. The caster wheels allow for smooth movement and the large 36-litre water tank ensures long periods of cooling without the need for refilling. The Platini comes with a 4-way air deflection system and has a cooling capacity of 150 square feet.


  1. Bajaj Glacier DC2016 67-litre Room Cooler

Made with a thermoplastic body, the cooler is resistant to corrosion and is shock-proof and light. The 67-litre tank also offers the option of continuous water supply and the Glacier DC2016 comes with an icebox in case you require immediate cooling. Compatible with an inverter, the Glacier DC2016 also has a multi-speed fan setting, allowing you to manage the air flow efficiently.


  1. Orient Electric Ultimo 65 Litres CD-6501H Desert Air Cooler

This air cooler is energy-efficient and has a fan that is compatible with an inverter. Its dense honeycomb cooling pads ensures that it consumes less water while giving you maximum cooling. This means it retains 45% water to give you 25% more cooling. It also has a special solution that ensures the water tank isn’t a breeding spot for mosquitoes. The special blades of Aero series fans give you excellent air circulation without the excess noise so that your sleep is peaceful.


  1. Crompton Greaves Aura Woodwool 55-Litre Desert Cooler 

With an air throw distance of 45 feet, this cooler ensures that every spot in your room is as cool as you want it to be. It has speed modes that allow you to adjust the cooling to your liking at different hours of the day or night. With the water drain plug, cleaning is easy and never a hassle. Its water level indicator lets you use the cooler efficiently giving it the water it needs to cool your surroundings.


So, now that you know why air coolers are a preferred choice and also what are the top air coolers to look for, you can make your purchase easily. Don’t forget to check your pre-approved offer for instant financing of your preferred air cooler.


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