Manipur : Songashim Rungsung Honoured With ‘Influencer Of The Year’ Award In Goa

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Songashim Rungsung, a winner of the Rubaru Mr India contest, a social media influencer, fitness consultant, pageant trainer, modeller was honoured with the ‘Influencer of the Year’ award at Goa’s biggest and most prestigious special awards night organised by AB Production Goa group of pageants in Arpora on Sunday. Songashim Rungsung is the first and only Mr India winner title to have ‘Influencer of the Year’ award accomplishment. Rungsung’s first attempt into the glamour modeling world took off in 2018 at Mega Northeast where he was able to make it to the top 10 finalist.

The award was given to him for his relentless efforts in creating awareness on the sensitive issue of substance abuse and also for breaching one lakh subscribers on YouTube channel, Songashim Rungsung.

Rungung, having a degree in Social Work, in an exclusive interview with Ukhrul Times said he felt now is the right time for North Eastern States to promote themselves and establish themselves in the field of modelling and even entertainment. “This world of modelling is very new to our community; I am the first one from my community to ever enter such a national level competition. I am happy that I am able to spread awareness in Manipur about it. People are very encouraging, as was the Chief Minister. I am seeing a lot more acceptance from the mainstream for North Eastern people,” he adds.

“I think and I introspect. I don’t have to look a certain way, just because I want to change things. I can change things by modelling. I wish to be a role model to the younger generation from the NE states,” Rungsung told Ukhrul Times.

Rungsung also unveiled India’s first all-men pageants magazine during Rubaru Mr India contest held in Goa in April 2021. The magazine is a subsidiary of Rubaru Mr India organisation that will focus on promoting and supporting the men’s pageant industry and its constituents from all over the world.



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